While Ashford Vineyard has had three different years of inviting people to study/intern with us for the year, God began to speak at the end of 2019 about setting up an academy where people are trained up specifically to release life into the city. It was clear that the academy was not to bring life to the church, but to the city.

The tag line for the academy is ‘Encounter / Equip / Experience’. That is encountering God, equipping with tools and experiencing the Kingdom. Our aim is to train people (interns) and release them into the city to bring life. We firmly believe that people could be and should be bringing life wherever they are placed. For God’s Kingdom to continue to expand (His plan ‘A’ for everyone/nothing missing, nothing broken), we need people trained to bring life in any and every sphere of society. We need teachers who know how to bring God’s Kingdom, town planners who know how to, police officers, doctors, cleaners, childcarers, computer programmers, engineers and so the list goes on.

Through teaching one evening per week, time out on the streets, time in the intern placement, reading and connecting into a thriving church that is committed to bringing life into our precious town, you will have the opportunity to be stretched and begin to live further into all that God has created you to be.

This launch year things are a little different. While our aim is to release interns into the city, this year will see interns being launched into our outward-focused areas of Ashford Vineyard (which is basically all of them!). In future years, we are looking to work with city partners to host interns at their workplaces. Perhaps you would be interested in staying on and doing a second year?

The Year

The year begins on Saturday 18th September 2021 and ends on Sunday 10th July 2022 with Graduation Weekend!

There are three terms that each have a reading week in the middle:

Term 1

18th Sept - 17th Dec

Term 2

10th Jan - 1st Apr

Term 3

19th Apr - 10th July

A Typical Week

There are a number of weeks that will look a bit different as there are conferences planned for the year and also a retreat. Of course, there are also a number of things in the town calendar and Ashford Vineyard calendar that will make a week atypical! However, this is how a ‘normal’ week is likely to look.


3 hours

This would be one evening per week based at Ashford Vineyard’s Warehouse

Street Work

4-5 hours

This is HOTS, treasure hunting, litter picking, prayer walking, giveaways etc

Reading / Assignments

2-3 hours

There is a reading list that will be sent in advance and there will be an assignment to do each month. These will vary enormously and are not there to stretch your academic ability, but your heart and experience.

AV Sundays

3 hours

Sundays are not our be-all-and-end-all, but they have an important part to play in the life of Ashford Vineyard. Each intern will be asked to serve at one of the services in a range of teams

Internship Placement

2-4 days

There are nine internship areas to choose from for 2021 and they can be found on our Intern Options page. This is the core of your academy year and there will be plenty of opportunity for you to serve.


This will include retreats, Encounter prayer/worship gatherings, Thousand Hours, volunteering in our compassion projects and much more.

Apply Today

We don’t know quite how Father God speaks to you, but if you’re excited, have butterflies, or this just feels like the right thing, click the box and apply today. Let’s get the conversation going and see where this adventure takes you!

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