It is our aim to keep the costs for Kingdom Academy as low as we can so that as many people as possible can come and be a part of the academy.

Academy Costs

For the academic year 2021/22 the cost of being a part of the academy is just £750 for the year. This is the cost of just the course – accommodation and living expenses are outlined below.

Academy Cost
Academic year 2021/22£750

Other Costs

You will be responsible for your rent and all other living expenses. If you would like, we will help to arrange accommodation for you if you are from outside the Ashford area. This accommodation would be in host family homes. We have tried to estimate a rough guide of monthly living costs for necessities. Couples or families intending to come will need to budget
accordingly per person as the costs shown are estimated per person based on host accommodation. Everything has been priced on a monthly basis and is simply an estimated cost for each expense. (All in GBP – Pound Sterling).

£485 a month covers reasonable living expenses for necessities but it could be less if interns can live simply. Non-essentials are not included in the estimate! Interns may like to also budget according to their need for non-essentials such as entertainment, leisure, phone, clothes etc.

Approx Monthly Costs
Contribution to utility bills£20
Total Monthly Costs£485

All in all

Combining the course fee and living costs, the cost of the internship is around £6,000 for the 11 months (*cheaper if you live locally – obviously!). We would encourage people to look to have as much of that as possible inadvance to release people from the pressure of having to ‘fund raise’ while at the academy. That said, there is flexibility built into the weekly timetable to allow interns the opportunity to find local work.

If you have further questions, please see our costings FAQs

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