Applying FAQs

What is the closing date of applications?

For those who feel God is inviting them into the Kingdom Academy adventure, we would encourage you to start the process as soon as possible, rather than leave it to the last possible minute. This allows extra time for the preparation for your arrival (working on your intern placement, connecting with host family etc). However, theclosing date for applications is tbe 18th April 2021 for UK and international residents.

Why do I need to have the support of my local church to apply?

It is our firm belief that the people who will get most out of being an intern at the Kingdom Academy, are people who are already embedded in a local church and have some structures and shape around their lives with God. This would include being part of a local church and being known to the leadership there. We will ask your leaders for a reference that predominantly shows that they are supportive of your desire to come and be a part of the KA.

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We don’t know quite how Father God speaks to you, but if you’re excited, have butterflies, or this just feels like the right thing, click the box and apply today. Let’s get the conversation going and see where this adventure takes you!

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