What is the closing date of applications?

For those who feel God is inviting them into the Kingdom Academy adventure, we would encourage you to start the process as soon as possible, rather than leave it to the last possible minute. This allows extra time for the preparation for your arrival (working on your intern placement, connecting with host family etc). However, theclosing date for applications is tbe 18th April 2021 for UK and international residents.

What do I do about accommodation?

You have two options. Firstly, you sort your own accommodation as you see fit. Secondly, we can offer you a host family that can host you for the year. You would pay them £200 directly (see costs page). Should you wish to have a host family, we can discuss this at interview.

I have a number of life issues – is the Kingdom Academy the best place for me?

In short, no. Everyone has issues that need dealing with, but ‘hurts, habits and hang-ups’ (as our dear friends at Causeway Coast Vineyard say) are much better dealt with before applying. The Academy seeks to equip people to release them to bring life and is not the best place for people to come to find life.

Can I participate online instead of being an intern?

No. AV’s Kingdom Academy is not an online course. It is about being present in a place, rubbing shoulders with the community and bringing life in the day-to-day. For future years, we are looking into the possibility of having some students who could join our interns for just the teaching element, but this is not an option for the first year. The KA is about training up interns and releasing them into the city to bring life

Why do I need to have the support of my local church to apply?

It is our firm belief that the people who will get most out of being an intern at the Kingdom Academy, are people who are already embedded in a local church and have some structures and shape around their lives with God. This would include being part of a local church and being known to the leadership there. We will ask your leaders for a reference that predominantly shows that they are supportive of your desire to come and be a part of the KA.

I’m not very academic. Is that going to be a problem?

No, we wouldn’t have thought that should be an issue. There are assignments that will need completing and books that need reading as part of being an intern, but the aim is to keep the internship as practical as possible.

If you have any challenges with the reading/writing elements of the academy, there will always be extra support available

What support will I receive during the year?

It matters to us that you have a successful year where you encounter God, are equipped and then experience God’s Kingdom coming. To help, you will meet weekly with a champion who is there to cheerlead and support you (and may well ask you the odd difficult question!) You will also have termly meetings with Frances Eason, the academy leader. Furthermore, each person will have a line-manager for their intern placement, will be part of a team of interns and part of a wider supportive leadership and church.

Chris Kimmance, the senior pastor, will also be available for support and Frances Eason will be your main point of call should you need any support. All-in-all, we are pretty sure we have you covered!

Is there an age limit?

Interns need to be 18 or over by the start of the academy year to apply, but there is no upper age limit. We love to have a range of ages and life experience!

If you have any other questions, then please just email us and ask. No question too daft! hello@avkingdomacademy.org.uk

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