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How does the intern placement work?

The Kingdom Academy is all about interns. It is the coming here to be trained and released into the city to bring life. That’s why there is not the option of distant learning.

During each week, there will be 2-4 days where an intern is released into their intern area. Each intern commits a year into that area, seeing the fruitful times, the hard times and hopefully the fun times too.

As for which area to choose, there are nine areas below and the leaders of each of those areas have made a video to let you know more of what would happen for you, and with you, were you to hope to go with one of those areas. When you apply, there will be the chance to select a preference for an area and the final decision will be made as part of your application – in interview and ultimately, as they are weighed before God. Generally, we would see that interns would get the area of their choice.

This inaugural year for the AV Kingdom Academy is slightly different to future years. While our aim is to release interns into the city, this year will see interns being launched into our outward-focused areas of Ashford Vineyard (which is basically all of them!). In future years, we are looking to work with city partners to host interns at their workplaces.

What Choices are Available?

There are nine areas available. Some areas have only one space available and some have two or three. Watch the videos and see which one pops out at you!

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We don’t know quite how Father God speaks to you, but if you’re excited, have butterflies, or this just feels like the right thing, click the box and apply today. Let’s get the conversation going and see where this adventure takes you!

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