The Future

Where is AV’s Kingdom Academy going next?

Since it was planted in 2010, Ashford Vineyard has sought to train people and release them into their destinies (the place of ultimate fruitfulness) and also to release them to bring greater life to people. The Kingdom Academy is rooted in this history.

We have plans for future years and are looking forward to where God is going to take this. Below is an outline of some of the dreams we are going after for the Kingdom Academy:


The inaugural year of the Kingdom Academy! Interns are invited to be in at the beginning of this adventure as the KA builds on its past to create a richer story for our interns and our city. Interns will be placed in outward-focused areas of Ashford Vineyard and will be given exciting opportunities to not only grow and develop themselves, but to increase the scope and value of the project they are interning with. Ultimately, both the intern and the town will be impacted by being part of the Kingdom Academy.


This year will see the release of interns directly into the city. Our aim is that people will have the chance to intern with the local council, schools, care homes, shops, industry, arts and more. We will be spending year one planning ahead to secure these placements for prospective interns. The rest of the Academy will continue for the interns, where there will be street work, reading, serving and more. Interns who came for the 2021/22 year will have the option to stay on for a second year.


Either in year two or in year three, the academy’s teaching modules that happen one evening per week, will be opened up for others to come and join. These would be people who are interested in learning more about how to release life into the city, but maybe are not able to come and be a full part of the academy for whatever reason. There is the option, also, for this element of the academy to be opened up as distance learning too. Interns will continue to be released to placements in and around Ashford.


We have dreams to open specific streams within the teaching element. Led by practitioners and thought leaders, interns (and students of only the teaching element of the academy) would be able to select a teaching stream that relates to their area of skill, expertise, calling or desire. For example, there could be an education stream, a designer stream, a musician stream, a finance stream, an entrepreneur stream and more. The possibilities are endless!

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